If I have an outstanding balance should I pay it?

Your balance needs to be paid the due date because if you don't pay any outstanding balance on time for a holiday on a date when our Parks are open then your holiday will be cancelled by us for non-payment of the balance and you'll forfeit any monies already paid. Rest assured that if the Parks have to close and your booking is cancelled by us due to coronavirus, you will be notified as soon as possible by email and offered a full refund or you can rescue your holiday plans with a transfer to a later holiday with no admin fees.

We do understand that things can change financially for our guests between making your booking and the balance due date, so we are able to offer some options to help you:

Move to a later payment date for the same holiday where there is one available and your arrival dates is more than 8 weeks away (or 12 weeks if it has a hot tub). Your holiday price will usually increase but you'll get longer to pay.

Move your holiday to a later date in the same arrival year as this will usually give you longer to pay.

In each case, you need to amend your booking before the balance due date to avoid it being cancelled with all monies forfeit and your holiday will be repriced to the prevailing tariff, offers and any incentives so for example if you had Holiday Safeguard Scheme free when you first booked if it is now an extra cost you will be charged it's current price. You can amend your holiday through My Account or call us using the link below - there is no charge for changes online but a £20 administration fee applies for each change made by phone. You'll need to pay any amendment fees at the time of making the change, as well as the cost of Holiday Safeguard Scheme if applicable.

We're very sorry but what we really can't do is give you any longer to pay with the same offer and price.