What if I've been made redundant and cannot afford to go?

We understand this is a difficult time for you and therefore we're allowing you to transfer all you've paid on a holiday booked with Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks to a different date, as you make the change more than 14 days before your current arrival date if you have Holiday Safeguard Scheme or 56 days before if you haven't taken this cover. If the new holiday is of greater value then the difference is payable by you, if the new holiday is of lower value then the difference will be refunded to you if you have our Holiday Safeguard Scheme cover on your booking.

Alternatively if you have our Holiday Safeguard Scheme and you have proof in form of the letter from your employer to confirm you have been made redundant after your booking was made and that you qualify for payment under any applicable statute, then you can request cancellation of your holiday in My Account and upload the document as the evidence to support your claim for a refund.