What beds are in my Holiday Home?

The bedroom layout in our accommodation varies by grade:

Caravans-1D, 1T1D, 2T1D, 3T
Lodges-1D, 1T1D, 2T2D, 2T
Apartments1T1D, 1T1D, 1T, 1B-
Villas & Bungalows-1D, 1TB2D, 1TB-
Farmhouses-1D, 1TB-2D, 1T, 1B
  • D = double bed (king size in some Surf, Surfscape, Surfview lodges)
  • T = twin beds
  • B = bunk beds
  • TB = twin beds and bunk beds in same room

Where the capacity of the accommodation exceeds the number of berths, additional sleeping is on a fold out double bed in the lounge.