Can I make changes to my booking?

If you would like to amend your booking please call our Reservations Team. Please note that we can only accept instruction to change details from the lead name on the booking.

We will try to meet your request, however, an administration charge of £20 per alteration to the holiday will be payable.

Any changes must be made at least 8 weeks before the holiday start date, or where Holiday Safeguard Scheme has been purchased changes must be made at least 2 weeks before the holiday start date, unless upgrading your accommodation or pitch, adding extras to your holiday or altering the holiday to an earlier date and be confirmed to us by the same person who made the booking.

Where changes are sought to be made within 8 weeks of the holiday start date (within 2 weeks where Holiday Safeguard Scheme is purchased), your booking will be treated as a cancellation and be subject to cancellation charges as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of booking.

If the holiday is cheaper we'll refund the difference if you've already paid in full or we'll reduce the balance if it's not reached the due date. If your new holiday is a higher price then we'll add that cost to your holiday balance or if the balance due date has already passed then this will need paying at the time of making the change.