How do I submit my holiday cancellation?

The fastest and easiest way to cancel your booking is through My Account. Here you can view the full details of cancellations, including all refund entitlements and any holiday amendments. 

Cancellation instructions

The first thing to do is check your refund entitlement, which varies depending on how far before arrival your cancellation request is received by us and your reason for cancellation, and you can find this laid out here.

To proceed to cancel your booking please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log-in to My Account to access your holiday booking
  2. Click on "View/amend booking"
  3. Scroll down the page and click on "Request cancellation"
  4. Please read the information that applies for your booking then include your reason for cancellation as well as uploading your documentary evidence if you are claiming a refund under the Coronavirus Guarantee or Holiday Safeguard Scheme cover.

If you are unable to complete this process online, please call our support team on 01271 872 390 (Open 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday) having first emailed your documentary evidence for a refund claim to with your booking reference number in the subject line.

Please note: All terms and conditions will apply once your payment has been processed and your booking is confirmed. Please call our Reservations Team with any queries you may have.